The Statue of Liberty- Raveena Bahadur

The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island, on the New York bay. Approaching the statue, one must travel on a ferry from New York to Liberty Island. Lady Liberty is surrounded by water; so as you are on the ferry, you are able to see all the building and skyscrapers standing tall in Manhattan. Seen from afar, the statue gives off an iridescent  causing many to go and visit the site.

                Lady Liberty is a very popular tourist attraction. There are different emotions all around. Many are excited, while some are more interested in the history of the structure. Standing in the middle of the New York Bay, the Statue of Liberty stands where the sun shines on it perfectly. Going into the structure, is a different emotion for everyone. The majority of people are excited to go in and view the whole of Manhattan. Others would go maybe for a class trip and not care.

In 2010, I visited the Statue of Liberty with my cousins and sister. Of course we were excited;¬†we’ve¬†never¬†been there before. Experiencing the ferry ride was something I can never forget; especially when you‚Äôre standing on the deck, and middle-of-the-winter, freezing cold wind is slapping you in your all.



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