Alex Cooper

The Citi-group building located in Manhattan is a large skyscraper which has an iridescent style to it. Its location is a prime location that reflects the sun through its window, catching a person’s eye. My first time visiting this building, I couldn’t help but to wonder what material was used to build the exterior of the building. It uses some kind of stone which gives off a shine as if it were glass. The Architect did not

When walking toward the building, you notice how the street level area of the building is hollowed out as if the Architect wanted to remove space from the building after it was done. The peak of the building also looks like the architect originally created a flat- topped building, but then he cut it at a 45 degree angle, creating a right triangle.  As I walked inside the building, I couldn’t help but to notice the large lobby it had as well as the various usages of light within the Lobby. At this time, I have never been to a place with so much luxury. I was taken upstairs almost to the top floors. As soon as I got out the elevator, I was taken to an office of a colleague. I rushed toward the window and could not believe how high I was. This building would certainly not be for someone who is afraid of heights.  The size of the building can cause one to feel like they are protected. It can really keep a person speechless just from being taken around the building.

I feel like this building is a great landmark in NYC. It is certainly a great composition because of the many different aspects it uses. I think this building, as well as a select amount of other skyscrapers in NYC, show the variety of architectural ideas that were used on the building.

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