Raymond Hood and the Rockefeller Center

Stephens Suzanne.  AR Past and Present

Architectural Record: Vol. 194 Issue 2, February 2006

This article gives a short and brief description of the famous architect Raymond Hood and his most acknowledged structure the Rockefeller Center. It also gives a small description of the Rockefeller Center’s interior. This article is relevant because a building interior is essential as well as its exterior. Raymond Hood brilliance in constructing the building’s interior is more superior to the building’s exterior. It is very important to establish and interior because that’s what keeps the structure standing. There’s a great connection with this article because Raymond Hood is a masterful architect and without a description of an architect’s structure the building may seem platitudinous. The article may be short but it’s delineate.

Raymond Mathewson Hood

Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, November 1, 2011

This biography provides background information of the architect Raymond Hood. It speaks of Hood’s birth, education, colleagues, and accomplishments. It is crucial to provide some information of the architect that was responsible of creating the structures they do because without this information one won’t be able to understand their ideas. This is essential to a building such as the Rockefeller center. It is important to know and architect’s background because they have developed this ability to create structures through their childhood. This is a really interesting biography because Hood is exquisite and passionate for architecture.

Ulrich Maximilian Schumann: Public Space in the Skyscraper City


This article talked about the up and coming skyscraper era. It also shows images of the Rockefeller Center back in early 1930’s. The article talks about the plans of John Rockefeller Jr. who is also the founder of the Rockefeller Center, and how the Rockefeller Center is seen as radial point of Manhattan and everything else is seen as concentric. I find this article highly essential because it most importantly provides images of the Rockefeller Center as a brand new structure and these images could be compared with how it looks today. There are a few changes as far as land development. This article is quite interesting and the images bring a sense of imagery.

Rockefeller Center

Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, November 1, 2011

This reference entry gives a explicate description of the Rockefeller Center. It gives a description of where the building is located; what architectural style was used to design the structure; when was the building constructed to when it was completed; people who designed specific parts of the building such as Paul Manship who created the Prometheus; the activities and things the building has, and John D. Rockefeller who the building was sponsored by. This is indispensable because this is mostly what the topic is all about. This provides the platform for different ideas like the buildings blueprints, the architect’s sketches of the building, the neighborhood that was there before the building’s construction. This is a simple but potent description because it’s the ignition for different supporting ideas.

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