The Riverside Church

New York is the city that features the ancient and modern architecture. The Riverside Church is one of the most important, and emblematic Baptist ancient churches established in Manhattan. The Riverside Church is remarkable in all possible ways; from the decoration and spaces inside to the contour and the structure which is strengthened by steel frames. Designed by the firm of Allen, Pelton and Collens. Henry C. Pelton and Charles Collens and conceived by John D. Rockefeller is nowadays the tallest church in The United States. Besides its beauty and the preservation of its architecture, the Riverside Church has been always characterized by the important role that it fulfills with the community. Since its initiation this church has worked as a daycare center, classroom, library and auditorium for people. In addition, The Riverside Church is very well recognized because here it was where the memorable Martin Luther King Jr. gave his biggest speeches; consequently, at the present time The Riverside Church still takes care of the needy people by making movements that help to stop immigration detentions and to help asylum seekers by giving them opportunities for a better living.

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