The Ruppert Yorkville Towers is a fancy residential building. As one walks towards it, they feel relaxed and comfortable. Everyone is always smiling and kind. When they get to the entrance thee automatic doors open and it can make you feel like you are at a hotel. As you look to your left and right you can see the comfortable waiting areas. As you go straight your path is blocked by the concierges desk and 4 columns that are covered with mirrors and marble borders that compliment the marble floors and walls. The entrances to the two buildings are parallel to each other with a glass door as well as glass walls.

If that was not enough to make you feel comfortable, there are doormen that greet you as they open the door for you. I would know because that’s my job. You get a real sense of how fancy the the buildings are when you see the four elevators each buildings has. (2 for the high-rise and 2 for the low rise) Then when you are done visiting the doorman opens the door for you and says good-bye to you, so does the concierge, making you feel special.

This relates  to my life because i experience this every weekend when i go to work there. Since i have been working there for three months most residents know me and bring me lunch every once in a while, making me feel special. On my way home it is nothing like that.    I have no one to open my door or greet me. Not even a waiting area. So it is nice when i get to go to work because it is like i am in a very peaceful place.

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