A Slimy point of view

   An apartment building deep in brooklyn where no one wants to go. A very dark and recessed area where upon approach fear takes over. A mix of iron bars and tall towers with jail like bars on the windows. Rusty fire escapes and the smell of the city deeply mix with the air. Loud obnoxcious people in front waiting and watching for their next target.

   Inside this building, a place of uncertainty overwhelms the mind. Low hanging ceilings and peeling paint paralyzes the senses as a dark dingy light flickers over head, casting eerie shadows on the

This building located in brooklyn resembles the building that I used to live in although it is not exactly the same.

floor. Fear and anxiotey take control as each new fear suffocates and disables a persons sense of reasoning.

   This building relates to a very large portion of my life. Living in this building has given me the descriptive powers to be able documnet this building. These experiences from the point of view of a small child has changed my outlook on life and made me into a positive and unique person.

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