ADJECTIVE (classwork)


It’s a pleasure to look at a beautiful tall building that stands in Forest Hills, Queens which is not very far from my house. It is a white apartment building with glass doors. The first time I entered that building, I said “wao!” It is an amazing and gorgeous bilding with smooth texture and neat brown furniture. The lobby is wide and nicely decorated.

You never know if the building is as beautiful as it looks from outside. As I walked towards the building I expected a crowded and a little chaotic too. As I entered I felt a very peaceful environment. It was quiet, really impressive. The smooth stainless pinkish walls with dim light made me feel relaxed and calm. It is a warm, welcoming and stressfree place.

The building reminds me of childhood. When I was a kid and lived in India, I lived in a very similar place. I also drew it because it is just gorgeous and pleasant to eyes. My friend lives in this apartment and we were friemds since childhood. So, everytime I go see my friend it feels like home. It’s an amazing feeling and I love to spend time there.


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