My favorite building by Angel Margarito

New York is a great place to study¬†architecture you can look out of your window and see just how far the human race has come from¬†building¬†stone hedge to the Burj Khalifa in¬†Dubai¬† but when I thought of New York as a kid for some reason one building stood out to me the most and that building is the Flat Iron building or (the fuller building)is located at 175 Fifth Avenue¬†¬†in the¬†borough¬†of¬†Manhattan.¬†Since it employed a steel skeleton¬†with the steel coming from the American Bridge Company¬†in¬†Pennsylvania¬†it could be built to 22 stories (285¬†feet) relatively easily, which would have been difficult using other construction methods of that time.¬†It was a technique familiar to the Fuller Company, a contracting firm with considerable expertise in building such tall structures. At the vertex, the triangular tower is only 6.5 feet (2 m) wide; viewed from above, this “pointy” end of the structure describes an acute angle of about 25 degrees.This building always made me feel like it took the street you were driving on and cut it in 2 almost¬†splitting¬†ways it was simple and at the same time so¬†unorthodox¬†compared to everything else in the city and i think¬†that’s¬†why i like it its because its different and made me feel something for a building.

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