My Two Favorite Buildings – Valerien Yepes

New York City is filled up with many fascinating buildings that are constructed in their own personal way. My two favorite buildings are visually opposites from each other, but demonstrates the beauty of the building and complements the area where it was built. The two buildings I deeply love would be the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Bank of America Tower.

New York City, being full of sky scrapers, lets you appreciate other types of different buildings out there. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the United States. After being negotiated in 1871, they decided to place it between East Park Drie, Fifth Ave and 78th and 85 Street Transverse Roads in Central Park. With its Gothic style in the front of the building, you can surely expect so much from the outside to what’s on the inside. I am also engaged my the huge columns and longs stairs that show the appearance of Greek Colosseums.

The Bank of America Tower is another building that amazes me. It’s completely magnificent and establishes the buildings of the future. Several buildings had to be demolished to make way for the 55 story 2,100,000 square feet of office space tower. What’s so fascinating about this structure is it’s environmental features. Its environmentally friendly with it’s insulating glass from the top of the building to the bottom. It contains natural light and has it’s own daylight dimming system. In addition it has a system that captures rainwater and reuses it. It just makes you think, this building is not only beautiful, but it is eco-friendly.

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