My Favorite Building

New York City is such a wondrous, monumental and lively place. There is always one building in New York City that I found that stands seperates from the other buildings. My favorite building is the United Nations located at 706 United Nations Plaza. What truly makes this building unique is its history this building holds. Itwas first constructed in 1947 and completed in October 9, 1952. The omniscient people responsible for the extraordinary building were William K. Harrison who was the chief architect and a bunch of architects such as Oscar Niemeyer and Ernest Cormier. The people who provided the funds for this building are Nelson Rockfeller and his father John D. Rockfeller Jr.. What also seperates this bulding from others is its size, the United Nation is 17 acres long and 509 feet tall. Most importantly the reason why the United Nations is my favorite building is that it brings peace to the world, different countries throughout the world can come together and settle their issues and differences without pointing guns at each others heads.

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