The Amazing New York City – Group 5

The Amazing New York City

            Welcome to New York City. This is a place that defines the true meaning of diversity, enjoyment and craziness. It’s a city where you can shop, visit beautiful parks and great skyscrapers and of course enjoying delicious food. Speaking of shopping, there are two great shopping places such as Soho and 34 St. which have a variety of good brands for clothes and shoes. If you are here to relax and have some coffee, Central Park would be a very suitable place for this purpose. This park is great in both beauty and relaxing. Its scent makes you feel comfortable and fresh which is one of the reasons you should visit it. You won’t find another park like Central Park that gives you an unforgettable experience. When you come to New York and think of buildings, Empire State Building should be one of your stops. Because of it, you can see how New York City is and shaped. You feel the notion of being the luckiest person in the world because you can have almost the entire city under you. Note that if you are scared of heights, please do not try it.

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