Group One

Come join our dorms! Where else would you be able to have fun, relax and study all in the same area? NOWHERE, but our very own Green Point Dorms. Our dorms are available to any student attending college within the area. The dorms lie on a beautiful turf covered form of land and are flying! We only have a few cozy, two person rooms left. These rooms have a desk for each roomate, therefore they can focus on their studies, two full beds, and a slide in mirror door that leads to a wonderful sized closet. But when you come here, you better grab yourself a map because our campus has a wild variety of buildings(A,D,N,R,S). We also offer fun activities like rock climbing located in building R’s area, every first of the month. We also have jet ski-ing right around the block, on the crystal blue East River, every Saturday-Sunday. Now if that does’nt intrest you, I bet you’ll enjoy our dance hall, in which we play a diverse selection of music, every single Friday, in building D. We also have a cafateria located underneath all dorms, on the second floor. You definatly can not resist the smell of all the different varieties of food we have, especially our specials which consist of chicken nuggets and nachos, and definatly don’t forget our freshly made deserts. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone an call 1800333Dorm to reserve the perfect room for you today!

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