A Place to Escape- Group # 3- New York City

Welcome to the new addition to the city we all love New York City. A rare city that mysteriously combines the senses into a symphony of pleasure. A place where random flyers and trash blow through the air. Where smells of the subway and sewer mix with the many exotics foods. This may sound pleasing already, but it gets better with our brand new specially designed area of attractions downtown. We all know the empire state buildng right, well just imagine being able to fly down its side towards the ground at break neck speeds only to stop just before the ground in our new sky gliding exhibit. If heights aren’t your thing then how about a special high way that goes through the entire city. A place where any type of vehicle can speed through the streets without worry of pedestrians or speed limits. An area in this city is specially designed to house the worlds largest paint ball course. Here you can go on your first date and really paint the town red, or blue or any color that comes to mind. This all may sound a little crazy but to many its a geat place to live. Its not only fast, fun, and outrgeous, but it is also therapeutic, fresh, and an easy place to visit. So why dont you take a chance today and stop on by.

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