5th Avenue

On Friday, March 14th 2014, I was at a Midtown Loft celebrating the grand opening of Lala’s Pop Up Shop, I was almost leaving and loved how 5th Ave looked that night. It portrays a feeling of a busy life. It proves the quote “The city that never sleep’s,” true. It gives me a anxious feeling that everything keeps on going, time waits for no one. The busy ave with all the traffic, and car lights contrasting the black shadows of the City buildings.

Olive Garden

On March 7, 2014, I went out to eat with my Mother and Brother to Olive Garden, we we’re having wine, celebrating my brother getting back from Japan after not seeing him in 8 months, due to the fact that he’s in the Marines. Black and white filter. When I look at this image it makes me think about all my accomplishments me and my brother have accomplished thus far, and what we have yet to conquer.

Luis Cortes


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  1. Luis,
    I approve of your photos. I think these two will make a fine comparison. Best, Prof. Scanlan

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