Real Chinese Foods

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These pictures were taken a week ago in my uncle’s house, while the whole family was throwing a party to celebrate one of the traditional Chinese festivals. I always want to write something about Chinese food culture, now I see my opportunity. China has a 3000-year-old splendid culinary culture. The real Chinese food will not only delight the taste buds but also the eyes. It is an art in itself. The two pictures I took show the true identity of Chinese food. The frame of the first picture shows the middle part of the dish, while the frame of the second picture shows the half right side of the dish. The reason I didn’t choose to frame the entire dishes is that I thought the pictures would have a more exquisite and mysterious look this way. In addition, I used DOF while taking these pictures. I was hoping to draw the viewer’s attention to the two dishes, and I’m quite satisfy with the result. Now they just stand out starkly against the blur background.

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  1. I approve of your photos. Nicely composed.

    Prof. Scanlan

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