The taste of Asia



March 19 2014, Dawa Lama

I took this photo on February 17, 2014 near Suunyside, Queens. It was around 6:30p.m, when me along with my sister went for a dinner in one of the famous Korean restaurant around that place. We entered the room and the one of the host assigned a seats for both of us. Before we took our seats , all the arrangements were done. There were a menu on the table with long list of delightful food items. Besides that, all the chopsticks, spoons and forks were arranged neatly on the side of the menu.Then, we ordered different varieties of dishes such as, Korean pancake, kimchi jjiage: a spicy stew made with mainly kimchi, pork, and tofu, infused with spicy ingredients and spices. What is the best about Korean food is that, it came along with  the varieties of other sub-dishes like black soy with caramel, sea weed soup, sprout and so on. All the dishes had its own serving utensils. For example, for the stew dish, it is normally served in a stone pot, still boiling when it arrives at the table and for other small dishes, they use different shapes and sizes ceramic crockery. The atmosphere were great and relax, everyone were enjoying their meal and so I was. Mostly, the Korean food were spicy and used fresh ingredients. And there was one thing that I noticed the most, it was the same designed plate that my aunt used to have, which remind me of my childhood moment with her.


This Photo was taken on March 11, 2014 at Jackson Heights, Queens. It was during lunch time, around 1:00 p.m when I went to one of the thakali restaurant with my friend. It was a small room with dim lighting system and reflects a typical Nepali culture and cuisine. We had ordered a Nepali style platter, which consist of black lentils, three different types of curry, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian  such as spinach, green peas and potatoes, different meat item and two types of pickles with a plain white rice in the middle. They had presented their food in such a way that it looks totally unique from others. As we can see, all the curries and pickles were set aside in a circular way and rice ball is placed at the center, which gives a vibrant colorful touch to the plate. Likewise, all the cutleries and napkins were placed in their accurate location and makes the whole service table looks appealing and clean. I had excluded the right side of the table and focuses the front platter to give a clear vision of each ingredients. The atmosphere was pleasant and I had enjoyed my lunch thoroughly.

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  1. Dawa,
    I approve of your photos. The clear subject of these (food) will make for a good comparison, I predict. Best, Prof. Scanlan

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