A walk through Court Street


This Photo was taken on March. 19, 2014 at approximately 5 in the evening. In Brooklyn NY, Court street- borough hall is the location of where I stand. I was walking through this area where i thought it was a beautiful sight in which i had to take a photo from a distance to capture a picture of the detail and what i really saw, theres a little bit of almost everything. theres a subway, and public buses. The streets look busy. People walking to there destinations. Everyones bundled up, we had very cold weather that day. The eye-catching view of this photo is the the small building directly in the middle of this photo. The way it is built and the columns in front or it. Also another main point of this photo would be the Public buses which are what most of this world depends on in our daily lives.

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  1. Julie,
    I approve of your photo. The lens looks like it needs to be cleaned.
    Prof. Scanlan

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