The Finest Vessel

The Triborough Bridge, and The East.

The Triborough Bridge, and The East.

I choose this picture of a luxury cruise ship, because I see this as being the root of succession in my dream of having a franchise in every part of hospitality and management. The dominant impression of this photo is adventure, because cruise ships are known for the exotic places they travel to. Also the showing of the cruise ship going under the Triborough Bridge creates a frame that shows of the size of and beauty of the ship, river the Triborough Bridge, and the east. Recently I read an article in the travel section of the New York Times called 6 Trends in Cruising by Elian Glusac. Out of the six trends the two that I like the most is the far and away places and immersing in the destination. In my opinion I believe that those two trends truly captures the essence of what a cruise is really supposed to be. Far and away places because travelers in this day and age tend to want to get away from the place most familiar to the most unfamiliar to experience something new. Immersing in the Destination, because the adaptation of other cultures is a way for travelers to truly empathize and sympathize with people from around the world, while enjoying themselves and the scenery.


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  1. I approve of your photo. Nicely composed.

    Prof. Scanlan

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