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Hello, my name is Harouna Guisse. Have you ever wondered why quadratic equations are important? The origin of these equations goes back as far as 2000 B.C., at least, and its origin is a problem about taxes, i.e. how much crop does a farmer need to grow in order to pay the taxes on his farm? To answer this question, one needs to find the lengths of the sides of different shapes given the area. These days, we have a formula to solve any quadratic equation. This is very useful as these equations help solve many everyday life problems.



Greetings! My name is Noor Jahan. I am a sophomore in the Computer Engineering Technology Department. I am excited to tell you about my CRSP research project that I worked on under the supervision of Professor Zia.

The title of my research project is ‚ÄúApplications of Computer Hardware and Software in Biotechnology‚ÄĚ. This is an important areas of research. There is an increasing overlap between Computer Hardware and Software Technology and Biotechnology in creating Bio-Sensors and Biotechnology Devices. The main goal of my research project is to explore the use of readily available and affordable Bio-Sensors, combined with low-cost and open-source computer hardware and software in creating useful Biotechnology devices. Another goal of the research project is to create a low-cost Bio-Sensors based device for the prevention of COVID-19 virus infection.


Radiation protection is protective measures that reduce unnecessary exposure to ionizing radiation. Collimation is one of the practices used in radiation protection. Collimation is reducing the exposure field to irradiate only the anatomy of interest. The purpose of this investigation is to prove that collimating is effective. Using a lumbar spine and hand, 5 x-ray exposures were taken and the dose recorded on the Philips DR machine. As collimation increased, absorbed dose decreased. The absorbed dose for the lumbar spine was reduced by 63% after increasing collimation 5 inches L&W. The absorbed dose for the hand was reduced by 46% after increasing collimation 5 inches L&W. Collimation on the lumbar spine reduced dose more than the hand, about 17%. The next step is to determine how collimating affects image quality of the radiograph.



After constructing and experimenting with a computer-interfaced visible light spectrometer, I attempted to quantify the amount of red food dye in a sports drink. To accomplish this, I measured the spectra of dilutions of red food dye, then proceeded to created a calibration curve, and finally compared the absorbance of the sports drink to the absorbance values on the calibration curve. This experiment could lead to further studies in determining the extinction coefficient of the red food dye and analyzing the spectroscopic data in the Jupyter environment.


Hi everyone my name is Victoria Sing, As a full-time student in the City Tech, I also work part time for a company called Stronghold PFA. We are manufacturing company that provides hospitals and emergency rooms with sanitizing necessities such as, hand sanitizers, adult masks, kids mask, gloves, sanitizer wipes and sanitizing sachets. We are expected to make about 20,000 kits a day, which vary on the amount of people that come to work, how many materials we have to work with and etc. Everything that goes into the kits are handmade and are produced by an assembly line. They then get shipped to hospitals such as New York Presbyterian, Bellevue Hospital, North Shore and Elmhurst hospital. These kits go for a Covid patients, labor and delivery unit, and majority of the emergency rooms.


Hawaii¬†maintains¬†its¬†position as being amongst the few states with a consistently high performing health care¬†systems. It has been able to¬†accomplish¬†this by having the lowest¬†healthcare¬†cost from ensuring affordable premiums and¬†insurance policies that¬†don‚Äôt¬†discriminate against those with preexisting conditions. Since adopting the Prepaid Heath¬†act in 1974, employers have had to provide¬†insurance¬†for employees who work a¬†minimum of 20 hours a week¬†and¬†for persons with¬†preexisting disabilities. Even with Hawaii’s reputation of setting a standard for good healthcare, there still exists disparities in areas such as¬† health outcomes, poverty, and housing.¬†Currently, Hawaii’s Native population makes up just 10.6% but disproportionately represents¬†a large population of those disproportionately affected by these hardships. Hardships which were brought on by colonization, racial divide, foreign¬†intrusion¬†and environmental¬†destruction. Along with providing its residents with a strong healthcare system, Hawaii could find ways¬†to improve its cost of living to drastically decrease its homeless¬†population and¬†support its impoverished residents.¬†