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The purpose of my project was to collect information on T. thermophila calpains.  T. thermophila has been used and is still being used as a model for a long time; however, very little information is available on these calpains.  Identifying the structure and function of these proteins e will provide information that may be very important to humans. Using PubMed and Google scholar to research T. thermophila calpains did not produce much information. In fact, only information on the number of calpains in these cells was readily available. Prof. Alcendor is presently working on using computational tools to begin adding function to these proteins in T. thermophila. Research using T. thermophila is needed to give function to these proteins.


In my research, the goal is to find the temperature inside a thin square plate. The temperatures of the sides of the plate are given and unchanged. The heat from the edges is transferred to the interior of the plate. After a certain period of time, the temperature inside the plate becomes stable.  My approach is based on a discrete formulation of the problem. I divide the surface of the plate into a certain number of net lines. The points of intersection of these lines are called mesh points. I obtain the temperatures only at the interior mesh points, using an approximation given by a discrete-mean value property. I consider two numerical techniques that require tools from Linear Algebra.


My name is Olga Privman. When you look at the night sky, have you ever wondered about the journey of our planet around the Sun? All planets in our Solar System follow an elliptical orbit. An ellipse is a conic section and its equation can be described by finding the determinant of a matrix. This project explores matrices and their determinants, as well as their roles in finding conic equations. In addition, it investigates Kepler’s laws of Planetary Motion and the various ways in which mathematicians are able to derive equations of orbital paths.


Hello my name is Sukhpaul Sehmbi and I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology. This project demonstrates the use of modern Computer-Aided-Software to design a low-cost sled, in particular SOLIDWORKS software was used. In mechanical and industrial engineering product design is an important process. It consists of being goal-oriented, having constraints-based model, and most importantly decision making. After successfully creating a CAD model of a sled, by using this process, a mechanical stress test was conducted. The images show the results for the Stress analysis, Strain analysis, and Static Displacement. After the Stress analysis was conducted, the yield strength for the sled was 6204 MPa. The most significant static displacement results were displayed on the handlebars with a value 0.06023mm. Lastly, an average strain was showed on the frame of the sled.


Greeting, I’m Shannon Russell. In my project, we learned that integrals have much application for the skills learned for mathematicians and or computer scientists. Using integrals to compute areas of a region or the volume of a three-dimensional object. We learned how to determine the area of various ships that took similar parabolic routes from a single coordinate point. We even discovered that the Gabriel Horn Paradox, which appeared many years before, can have an unlimited area but a finite volume. We can use what we know to assess if a three-dimensional object has finite or infinite volume and/or area. As a result, you can see why integrals are vital to learn.


The use of Building information modeling is a tool that helps architects, collaborators, and construction management coordinate building projects. It helps manage the project’s balance with sustainability, economic, and workflow that impacts on the long run to its surroundings. In this project, I was assigned to work with BIM software that could measure the efficiency of structural components and that impacts the building thermal performance. Without these resources the building can have negative consequences for the environment, budget, and hazardous working conditions. The objective is to research the productivity of a building by using BIM software that measures performance. 


The chain of infection is extremely important to understand because it describes how infectious diseases are spread. The break of the chain is also extremely crucial to prevent and control disease. Data entails how to prevent pandemics, prevent future spread, death rates, and it also entails symptoms and procedures to stay safe and protect one another. An example is the COVID-19 pandemic. Research has proven that COVID-19 is spread by droplets from coughing or sneezing, contaminated surfaces, breathing on one another, and by touching the face. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) have conducted
research to analyze COVID-19. These organizations had to study the epidemiology and origination of COVID-19. This is the same procedure for every infectious disease, this is how the chain of infection is designed specifically for each disease. Understanding the chain is crucial to participating in disease prevention.


My name is Christopher White and I am pursuing my B.S. in Data Science at City Tech. The project focus was to automate image capturing in my bedroom to monitor and analyze the “messiness”. Cleanliness has an effect on productivity and overall comfort in the space. The aim was to build a system that would automatically store images, label and object data in the cloud, to ultimately identify “messier” images. However, the analysis proved not able to significantly determine messiness. I concluded that it is important for research to combat image resolution and create novel models to identify objects deemed “messy”.


Sound travels in the form of waves. The speed of sound waves depends on the medium through which they travel. In air, sound travels at a speed that is more than three hundred times faster than the typical speed of human walking. The speed of sound is used for many applications in science and technology. For example, the ratio of an aircraft or rocket speed to the speed of sound. Which is called Mach number, is a very important parameter in aerodynamics and aerospace engineering. In medical ultrasound, the speed of sound is used to distinguish between different tissues in the body. In this experiment, I used a smartphone to measure the speed of sound using the time-of-flight method.


This study looks at the resources and current structure of the healthcare system in certain sub-Saharan African countries such as Kenya. The trend of having to pay upfront before getting medical attention, whether the patient is critically ill or not, is similarly seen all over the world. While there are unlimited numbers of hospitals across the globe, apparently, these institutions are increasingly asking patients to pay for procedures either upfront or before they are discharged. However, a large number of African countries have begun to work at setting up new reforms of various types of universal medical insurance coverage, such as Senegal, Ghana, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, and Benin, in an effort to reduce social inequalities and health disparities.