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Hello, my name is Ebony Cumbo Grant and I’m a sophomore in the Liberal Arts And Sciences major. I’m currently taking History To 1865, in which I learned about smallpox in the U.S. Our discussion of medicine in the 19th century inspired me to use it as a baseline for my research in this project. This study is about devastating diseases in history, and how they currently correlate to the current COVID-19 pandemic we as a society are experiencing. The results from this study can be used to figure out how we can overcome the current health situation in the world.


My project’s goal was to find out the impact of the French jargon used in the culinary and pastry industry and its origin. Through investigating this topic by reading online articles, I found out that after the French Revolution, the French influenced many parts of Europe. Before, other cultures influenced Europe. However, regarding cooking, French culture made a global impact that is still seen today. Some terminology used in the kitchen worldwide is strictly French to make things simpler. French chefs were the only ones back then that recorded their techniques and recipes in a way that they could be shared with other parts of Europe. Other countries used these French terms since it seemed easier with fewer words to describe a technique or recipe.


For the past 2 years, a dangerous virus known as the Coronavirus (covid-19) has been spreading worldwide causing everything to shift, especially in terms of business and economic sectors. The virus, known to spread within seconds of close contact or any location exposed to the infectious disease, can result in severe illnesses and danger to the immune system. Due to such a high-risk factor, the world had to shut down and work in different ways that forever left a huge mark on everyone. In relation to finance, the effect of the pandemic on real estate has been massive, as studying the issues showed the decline in the housing market, the affect people’s moods were towards investing in a time of difficulty and lockdown, and how certain areas in New York City were largely affected.    


My research evaluates the current methods of communication between clients who are deaf/HOH and health care professionals. The deaf/HOH population is increasing and we need to advocate for them. I reviewed 20 articles which revealed a common theme of discrepancies in communication. A summative committee was formed to agree or disagree with my recommendations to improve communication with this population. Communication between deaf/HOH clients and health care professionals is not effective. There are different opinions on what should be done and there aren’t any standards to ensure effective communication. Health care professionals choose what they think is best and it is not what the deaf/HOH client thinks is best according to the research. The next steps  are to make standardized guidelines for communication with these clients, and to consider what is beneficial to clients who may not speak English and are deaf/HOH.


Lower rates of vaccination draws attention to the need for messages tailored to underserved populations. Public health promotion messages (rich in imagery as well as text) are required which are created by (or, at least, in collaboration with) affected communities. In this study we review public health history to account for vaccine reticence among African Americans. Using historically informed graphic design, we create a poster depicting an African American immunology “hall of fame,” and a graphic which symbolizes five social determinants of health. The goal is to design health messages which are less pandering, paternalistic or prone to unintended outcomes.




In this research, I determined the poster title through very difficult steps. (Actually, it was confirmed after the post was done) In the early days of work, my mentor professor and I wanted to make a real thesis and publish it, and I was still working on it. This poster is part of the paper or a research summary of the paper. In addition, the subject of this article “vtuber” is a very new thing. There are only a few articles about it in the city tech library, but at the same time its influence and market size are very huge, so I think it will be a good direction can produce a lot of papers.


Hi, my name is Wilna Michel and I want to talk to you about the exciting world of publishing. Over the Fall 2021 semester, I was given the opportunity to view the world of Publishing from within with my mentor Professor Sara Woolley.  We prepared the sketches and turned them into digital files ready for line Development and color Application. At the end of all these steps, we have created a piece of art ready to be seen by everyone.


The researchers involved in this study are Human Services students and instructors.  The goal of this project is to explore the attitudes of Bachelor Level Student Interns towards using case management skills learned in class as they engage in internship practice in the community at local human services agencies.  The researchers recruited 35 Student Interns for this quantitative study.  A Survey Monkey Likert Scale Survey was used to explore their attitudes towards this academic phenomenon.  This study unveiled that Bachelor Level Human Services Students overall feel that the skills they learn in class benefit them in the field as student interns.