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Climate change has had a noticeable impact on our worldwide ecosystem, which can lead to escalating short and long term effects on human lives. One of the ways climate change is affecting us is in the shrinkage of the world’s lakes due to warming temperatures. Lakes consist of a small percentage of the global water bodies but are essential as fresh water reservoirs and impact lives around the world. The research we did looked at over 500 global lakes using daily observations from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) satellite via the NASA website. We analyzed different factors using MATLAB to determine that over half the lakes are warming and over two-thirds are shrinking. Continued studies of these temperature trends are vital for communities that depend on the lakes for survival.


Coming into this building, the overall idea is Metabolism Architecture that includes interior, exterior, and site circulation. As you can see from the section, a tank comes into the building and the broad circulation within the interior space. This tank would let the researchers help with their water treatment and sea life; the internal circulation explores the surrounding area, giving a fascination to the overall space.


To determine heat loss and air infiltration rates, it is necessary for commercial building owners and managers to understand the proper procedures needed in calculating various  door types and vestibules; as this determines heat loss and air filtration for better energy utilization, differential pressure, door usage frequency, airtightness, and wind profile around buildings.  In addition, by installing an environmentally green building envelope, efficient power utilization, which promotes a decrease in energy and operational costs, carbon emissions reduction, and indoor occupant comfort.  Focus should be on designing vestibules and door types constructed with airtight insulation, that lessen wasteful thermal energy conditions. 


After Hurricane Sandy caused over $19 billion in damages all over New York City, organizations knew that they had to start thinking smarter about the way they were building. Post-disaster rebuilding involves the reconstruction, modification, and renovation of facilities in order to prepare for the next disaster. Planning for such events accounts for developing a set of strategies to assist a community in rebuilding after the disaster occurs. Using a case study form Hurricane Sandy in NYC, this research identifies and compares common project success factors from reviews of literature to the case study findings. By comparing our findings, we were able to conclude that strategic planning, resiliency and equitable communication are the key PSF when it comes to PDR.


Recent studies have shown that the effect of anthropogenic climate change has fueled the wildfire events, leading to an increase in the annual burned areas. This study is meant to examine the wildfire events in California during the 2013 – 2019 period. The dataset contains the time details and location where wildfires have occurred with acres burned. Statistical analysis is used in this study to analyze trends and variability in this time series dataset. In this study, the results have shown the wildfire events in California have been generally increasing from 2013-2018, with significant major peak frequency in 2018. By constructing the frequency table to study each month, the finding concludes that wildfire events happen more frequently in the warmer season (June, July, August) when the temperature is relatively hot and dry, as compared to the cooler season.


We are three Computer Systems Technology (CST) students drawn to this project for diverse reasons. Our focus with this research project is to build an enticing and effective website for City Tech’s Department of  Communication Design. We are working closely with the chair of this department, and are aware of the issues it is facing. Our partnerships, plans, and drive in creating this site will revive this department and capture the interest of prospective students in this field. The conclusion of our research project will benefit both you, the president, and City Tech as a whole; are you in?


Our research project is about “Computational Characterization of Calpains in T thermophila”. Tetrahymena thermophila is a unicellular ciliated Protozoa found in freshwater lakes and ponds. Calpains are proteins that belong to the family of intracellular calcium-dependent, no-lysosomal cysteine proteases. To identify the role of calpains in T. thermophila, the calpain gene of interest must be known. Other bioinformatics/online tools such as Blastp, MAFFT, MEGA, Phyre2 were used to help understand the computational characteristics of calpains in T. thermophila. More analysis will be done to confirm the similarity and potential functions of this calpain in T.thermophila.


Our names are Edgar Aponte and Jacob Gomez and we are Applied Mathematics students at City Tech. Our mentor is Prof. Isaacson and we conducted an analysis of comparison-based sorting algorithms, meaning that they can sort items of any type for which a “less-than” relation is defined. We implemented 24 comparison-based sorting algorithms and elaborated on 6 for our poster. We analyzed the running times of these sorting algorithms with various sets of unsorted data and found that introspective sort and timsort were the fastest and most efficient, with introspective sort being the very fastest.


Computers require plenty of software installed to run a simple application. Why bother installing all these different frameworks, libraries and other external components when you can simply emulate the entire application. With the use of my emulator, not only will you be able to run all different types of software that require the .net framework installed but, you’ll be able to run any version of the .net framework without having to have all of them installed. Not only will you save on storage space but also thanks to the sandboxed environment that my emulator is, you’ll always remain secure even if you were to run malware.


Water is an essential natural source that humans and any living organisms need to live, the very basic concept of life is impossible without water. There is an increasing demand for clean and sustainable treatment of organic and inorganic pollutants in wastewater. Photocatalysis has been widely studied for the efficient conversion of solar light energy into useful chemical energy. This study is aimed to investigate the use of nanomaterials as photocatalysts, specifically, titanium dioxide (TiO2) for degradation of pesticides, pharmaceuticals waste, organic dyes, and heavy metals. TiO2 has been very promising material due to its high photocatalytic activity, low price, and chemical and photostability.