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One of the goals of the Computer Engineering Technology program is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to design, build, test, and implement Computer Technology-based devices to solve real-world problems. My research project involves the use of Systems Theory to develop Computer Technology-based devices by following a systematic approach to combine Computer Hardware, Software, Data Communication, and other sub-systems as building blocks.


The construction of the Gowanus Expressway as part of the approach towards the Verrazano Bridge in the 1960s led to the bifurcation of a vibrant neighborhood in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Its construction was controversial and was met with strong resistance from the surrounding community, with residents fearing losing their homes and businesses. Eventually, thousands of residents were displaced, and hundreds of properties were destroyed to accommodate the highway. Today, the area where displaced residents used to call home, is now dominated by a highway, which does little to serve the community it runs through.



We have designed an online survey tool that helps overcome some of the problems encountered with physical surveys by applying some business logic. A survey tool is very different from a survey. Surveys only provide estimates, not exact figures. An online survey tool has a flexible reporting system that enables texts, graphs, and reports to be generated in real-time. Eventually, we seek to collect detailed information for multiple businesses and corporations. The online survey tool will include mobile and web applications along with APIs for responses. The survey tool has been designed for research as well as for business purposes.


The advancement of technology and science often go hand in hand; however, the methods through which we teach such topics are often antiquated and rely on methods of teaching that have existed for decades or centuries. An application called phyphox, which allows users to take measurements of physical quantities using several sensors found inside their smart devices, provides a wide gambit of quantities that can be measured and analyzed with unique tooling for displaying, interpreting, and exporting data. With the use of this application, our group hopes to revitalize the methods used to teach introductory college physics courses.


In my research, I focused on finding the temperature at a point inside a thin trapezoidal plate. The temperatures of the sides of the plate are given and unchanged. The heat from the edges is transferred to the interior of the plate. After a certain period of time, the temperature inside the plate becomes stable. The technique I used is called Monte Carlo. The idea is that you choose a point inside the trapezoidal plate, and you walk randomly until you reach one of the edges of the plate. Repeat this procedure many times and record the average of the temperatures at the edge each time. The more procedures, the better the estimation is.


Have you ever wondered about the hidden mathematics behind the most sophisticated mathematics-based model used in the real world? If you do, you must look at our work. We provide a concrete analysis of Bernoulli numbers and Bernoulli polynomials. They are extremely important and have many important applications. In particular, science is very more important to progress in our society, and we are confronted with the following questions: How does one use mathematics to support science? Are we interested in learning the structure of mathematical objects? The study of Bernoulli numbers and the Bernoulli polynomials allow us to contribute to these structures in number theory and science



Hello, my name is Le Van La, and my ESP research mentor is Prof. Vishwas Joshi. We carry out STEM research about an application of neutron activation analysis (NAA) to determine the concentration and distribution of heavy metals in environmental samples. Due to human activity and industrialization, heavy metal pollutants have been accumulating in the environment. Using NAA, traces of various elements can be identified and measured by analyzing the gamma rays that give off following irradiation with neutrons. The project is conducted online by using, summarizing, analyzing, and organizing relevant literature, articles, and data that are available via open sources, and the world wide web. This project will focus on the application of NAA to detect high atomic numbers or heavy elements in the environment which could cause health problems for plants, animals, and human beings. Thank you for listening to my summary of the project. Have a good day!