Best Poster Awards

Fall 2021 Honors and Undergraduate Research Scholars Best Poster Award Winners

STEM 1st
Measurement of Speed of Sound using Smartphones
Omotolani Adelekan
Faculty Mentor: Boris Gelman
PHYS 1441: General Physics I: Calculus Based 

STEM 2nd
Using Random Walks to Determine the Equilibrium Temperature
 Jianning Luo
Faculty┬áMentor: Ariane Masuda 

Non-STEM 1st
French in Culinary & Pastry Arts
Elaine Suarez
Faculty Mentor: Khalid Lachheb
FREN 1101: Elementary French I

Non-STEM 2nd
Direction for Protection: Multimedia Vaccine Messaging to Address Racial Disparities
Florence F. Litchmore-Smith
Prof. Mentor: David Lee

Group 1st
Analyze & Examine Wildfire Events in California
 Alena Hoodith, Sakin Zaman, & Safoan Hossain
┬áMentor: Jiehao Huang 

Group 2nd
IoT Car Seat Alarm System
Fahmeda Khanom & Touheda Khanom
Mentor: Xiaohai Li 

Dr. Jean Hillstrom Interdisciplinary Research Award
Comparative Analysis of 3D Printed Denture Resins with Traditional Denture Materials at the Micro Level
Aneeza Hussain & Caleb Beckwith
Faculty Mentor: Gaffar Gailani