Poster Judging Process

The Dr. Janet Liou-Mark Honors and Undergraduate Research Scholars Poster Presentation awards the top two winners for the following poster categories: STEM, non-STEM, group poster, and the Dr. Jean Hillstrom Interdisciplinary Research award. Judges are representative of the many disciplines at City Tech. The following is an outline of procedures followed to coordinate fair and timely judging.

1. Faculty members volunteer to review posters during the poster session, using rubrics designed for STEM and non-STEM research posters.

2. Each poster is reviewed by two judges in the first round. A cut-off is determined using the distribution of scores, with usually the top 20% advancing to the second round for each category.

3. In the second round, each poster is evaluated by two new judges. For each category, a cut-off is determined using the distribution of scores, with typically the top 10% advancing to the third and final round.

4. The third round is used to determine the top two winners for each category, where posters are reviewed by a single judge.

5. If there are large discrepancies with the scores across the three rounds, finalists may be reviewed a fourth time by a single judge.

In the event of a tie, the poster is reviewed by the Associate Provost and Dean of Curriculum and Research.