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Part 1,

I found the Video created by Vi Hart is fascinating, beacause it make me feel that factoring is way more interesting than what I knew before. She found the pattern of factoring by drawing the stars. Which is very unlike with the way how other teachers introduce pattren of factoring to their students. I loved the out come of the last few drawings

This video that created by Vi Hart is about how to explore the mysteries of flexagation., by use strips of paper. I found it if very fascinating,  you strip and tape it nicely into a twisty – flody loop.  and you can flip the Hexaflexagons again and again.

This Video is called Pi Day is Round, I found this is very interesting beacuse I remember that on the day 3/14/15,My hight school math teacher told our class the today is Pi day, but no one queation that if we round the Pi it wil 3.1416, not 3.1415.

Part 2.(Video One)

I am very glad that I got the chance to watch this videos created by Vi Hart, after I watched these videos I was shocked by Lady who create the videos. They show you many very intersting things that related to math, but you will naver see this things in taxt book or learn them in class. In addition, This Videos also shows that math is related to verything in our daliy life. It also convinced me that Math is not just a course, it is a independent world that has it own system and language. However,I think that I did not understant about her Videos was: what was the reason she speak so quickly in her very videos?  I had to watch the video three or four time to get understant the concept of the video.

Part 3.

Many student give up math, because they think math class is one of most  boring class, and it is also very difficult to manage it. I have been ask many people about what is you favorite class and wich class they hate the most. The resolute I got was very interesting, because  many people see math as their favorite calss or the class they hete the most. So I come up a conclution that people who understant the math will love math but people who don’t unserstant the math will think it is a very boring class. So as a math teacher, it is important that you can show your student the side of math that is interesting. But it is not a essey thing do to, beacuse, math is not like other courses, you can tell a intersting story about it or do a fancy expaeriment.  I believe that Vi Hart showed us a very good way to teach your student math, just like the Video one.



  1. Yasmine

    I like the video about factoring. It is so much fun to watch these kind of videos. Vi Hart has a lot of interesting videos that make mathematics more attractive. As you mentioned, applying math in real life situations is an effective strategy that make math easier and more understandable for students.

  2. Miralia

    Dear Sonam,
    I agree with you when you talking about how a lot of students see math as a boring subject. But actually, math is not really boring it is the way that some teachers teach it. In reality you are not the only one that some students told that they hate math I remember in high school when everyone is talking about what they want to do I never heard one of them choose math carreer and when I say I want to be a marth teacher all my classmate start mumured of how they hate math but now I can see why some of them react like this.

  3. Jonas Reitz

    It is interesting that math provokes such strong reactions in people! Strong emotions can be powerful motivators – I guess part of the challenge as a math teacher is finding ways to transform negative reactions into positive. This is a great challenge – good luck!

  4. Nk

    Interesting to look at the sides of the extreme where people hate math or love it, but not that as many people in between the spectrum. I agree that i think people who don’t understand math hate it.

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