Videos- Yasmine Soofi

Part 1

Video 1: Math Improve: Fruit by the Foot

This video explains making to connected loops using candy strips or paper strips.


Video 2: Thanksgiving Turduckenen-duckenen

This video shows a turkey stuffed with two s stuffed with four hens stuffed with eight quail eggs. It is a mess cooking them, but it’s interesting how she was trying to say the words linearly or layer by layer and make it as music.


Video 3: The Calculus of Bad Driving

This video is talking about how the car stops depend on the slope of the line.


Part 2

I like video 1 which is about fruit by foot. It is interesting specially the part about making connected loops. I was excited about making it so I tried it using paper but instead of highlighting the edges using the same color I tried two different colors to convince myself. I learned that when we twist the stripe, one edge would be stuck to the other edge. That’s why we get the big loop which is the combination of the two edges. The small loop is just the middle part of the stripe. My question is what if we twist the stripe and cut it to four parts instead of three? I am going to try it later and see what happens.


Part 3

This video makes me wants to use material, as much as I can, to explain math to my future students because it makes math fun and much easier. I think the video is teaching and has sort of math. I also think it has some connection to the reading assignment Lockhart’s Lament. I just wish every teacher teach math in a way that makes it interesting so students wouldn’t complain about math.




  1. Kelly

    I think it’s great that you took the time and effort to duplicate ViHart’s video. It is always a good habit to verify the information we are given. It was a clever little twist coloring each edge a different color. I’m curious if you did cut the strips into four instead of three and what happened when you did.

  2. Stephanie Cuate

    I agree with you that as future teachers, we should use material to make the class fun and interesting. Plus it is a way that students could get involve in the group work. There many students that find math boring or stupid. And using material may change their mind about how they feel about math.

  3. Jonas Reitz

    Great! I want to know what happens when you cut the strip into four instead of three, too!

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