1. This video is about proving that there is an infinite amount of real numbers she states one simple reason which is that every decimal we think we can write, you can write many more and add more numbers to the decimal before.

2. Speed and acceleration. She compared driving in the rain to calculus and she says how you can use math to drive when it is raining without freaking out.

3. This is about about multiplying in a different way by using lines. By breaking up bigger numbers into smaller numbers to make multiplication easier.

4. Doodling in class can lead you to drawing stars and by drawing stars you can start a game of making different stars and can help you make a rule for drawing stars.

1. I was going to choose the multiplication one but I choose the doodling one, which is the fourth video. First off all this girl is such a NERD but I love it. She is so smart and although she speaks really quick she brings things that we take for granted daily and shows us how it applies to math. This video is a great video because we all doodle. I am always doodling squares and dots and trying to see what it makes. but honestly I never thought of it applying to math. I love drawing 3D squares because of Calc 3 but specifically making stars and making it to a game and making an equation for it. Imagine if we made games out of all our doodles, I wonder what would be our rules and how would our game look like. I think from now on when I doodle I am going to see if I can make a rule for my doodles or if they relate to math although I dont ever think it does.

2. Math is disliked by many kids but imagine if we could make it this fun? The kids would love it. Because they would feel in charge. They would have control of what they are learning although your really teaching them math. Sadly many times students learn for a curriculum or for regents and this is sad because they aren’t enjoying math, on the contrary students need to think they have control of their education and that they can enjoy what they are learning that math can actually be fun. I think as a teacher, one day I hope to be like this to be able to make math fun and bring games and activities in to the classroom that has never been brought like the one of the doodle. I also want to be able to explain things in many ways. I am really bad at learning things in one way, so imagine a student who truly struggles in mathematics. If I can teach them different ways of doing math like the multiplication example and if we as teacher can bring real life examples like rain and driving or even doodling into the classroom this can make a difference from a student hating to liking math.