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Part 1)

a) How to Draw a Perfect Circle- This video reminds us what is the definition of a circle and how to perfeclty draw one each time.

b) The Calculus of Bad Driving- This video goes into detail of the math behind the situation a a car approaching an intersection.

c) Visual Multiplication and 48/2(9+3)- This video show us the meaning (or another representation) of a commonly used algorithm.


Part 2)

Response to video three.

This video had me in a state of amazement. I had no clue that the algorithm multiplication can also be represented by intersection points. I am such a visual person when I learn, so seeing that this works before my very eyes was beautiful. I totally learned a new way to multiply, but one question I do have is, does this only work for two numbers that are both in the tens place.


Part 3)

My definition of teaching is the sharing of information where you understand and express in some way or another the information you just got. Since I can successfully understand and repeat what she did in this video, I say, this is teaching. I feel a lot of people think math is all about algorithms, but math also has diagrams, ideas and expressions that then get transformed into algorithms, so I do believe this is math. One thing that always stays in my head from Lockhart’s article, is that any little thing can be beautiful in math, and geez, this sure was. I also recall the article saying that math is so much more than algorithms, which is why I wonder, why this wasn’t shown to me in one form or another in school.


  1. Hanan

    Hey Armando, I am also a very visual learner. For my assignment I chose to write about one of Vi Hart’s videos of doodling stars in her notebook during class and then relating that to math. Although, she talked very quickly I learned what she was saying easily because there was a visual presented in her video ( the actual stars). If she just explained it while talking or writing them as notes I would probably have a hard time learning it right away. I agree with you that teaching is supposed to make you understand at the end and be able to explain it on your own. And for my video especially I realized how important activities and visuals are to keeping students focused on learning.

  2. Ismail Akram

    I liked the last comment you made; if one learned correctly and the teacher taught well then we should be able to replicate and share that information to others. Reminds me of Einstein’s saying; “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.”

  3. Jonas Reitz

    Thanks for making the connection to Lockhart – I also think of him when I watch Vi Hart’s videos (they embody the joy of math!).

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