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Week 9 Assignments

Written work, Due Thursday, October 27, in class:
Chapter 6 p.116: 3,4,5,8,9
Chapter 7 p129: 5, 9, 10, 12
      **NOTE: this assignment is due on Thursday, instead of on Tuesday, because we have our second exam on Tuesday.
WeBWorK – none
OpenLab – none


Week 6 Assignments

HEADS UP: Next week, there are no classes on Monday 10/3 or Tuesday 10/4.  Also, Thursday 10/6 will run according to a Monday schedule.  Because of this, our class will not meet next week!

HEADS UP: The week after next there are no classes on Monday 10/10, Tuesday 10/11, or Wednesday 10/12.  However, Friday 10/14 will run according to a Tuesday schedule.   This means our class will meet on back-to-back days, Thursday 10/13 and Friday 10/14.

Written work – None.
WeBWorK – Assignment #5, due Thursday, October 13th, at midnight.
OpenLab – OpenLab #5, due Friday, October 14th, before class.

Week 3 Assignments

Week 3 Assignments

Written work – Sec 1.8*: 3, 5, 6, 8, due Tuesday, September 13th, in class.
* GRADING: odd-numbered problems worth 3 points, even problems 5 points.
WeBWorK – Start WeBWorK 3 (due in two week, on Tues 9/20)
OpenLab – OpenLab #3, due Thursday, Sept 15th (at start of class).

NOTE: Next week Thursday 9/15 runs on a Tuesday schedule (this has no affect on us, but may affect some of your other classes).