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Week 8 Assignments

NOTE: The homework assignment for Chapters 4 & 5 has been modified from the original calendar – it includes two additional problems (and one of the problems is now optional).

Written work, Due Tuesday, October 18th, in class:
Chapter 4 p.100: 1, 6, 7, 15, 16
Chapter 5 p.110: 1, 4, 9, 20*
Odd problems are worth 4 points, even problems worth 8 points.
* (Chapter 5 Problem 20 is optional Рsolutions will receive extra credit)   

Exam #2 will take place on Tuesday, 10/25 (first half of class).

Week 5 Assignments

Week 5 Assignments

Exam #1 will take place on Thursday, 9/22

Written work¬†‚Ästnone
WeBWorK¬†–¬†Assignment #4, due Tuesday, September 27th, at midnight. You are encouraged to start working on Assignment #5, which will be due one week later.
OpenLab¬†–¬†OpenLab #4, due Thursday, September 29th, at the start of class


Week 4 Assignments

Week 4 Assignments

Written work¬†‚Ästnone
WeBWorK¬†–¬†Assignment #3 and Assignment #4, due Tuesday, September 20th, at midnight.
OpenLab Рnone

STUDY Рfor your first exam, taking place next Thursday, 9/22, during the first hour of class.