Hi everyone,

I’ve been enjoying reading your first proof-based homework, and I wanted to give a quick description of how I grade them:

Odd problems are worth 4 points, and are graded (almost exclusively) on completion – did you do the problem? If so, you get 4 points.  I will *not* deduct points for minor errors.  I *may* deduct points if I notice something really, really wrong.  I encourage you to do these problems, and then take a look at the answers in the back of the book – this is a great opportunity to see how proofs should look, feel, and read.

Even problems are worth 8 points.  I will be grading these much more carefully, and will be picky about things like using words (not just symbols), giving reasons for each step, and not skipping steps.  Your absolute best opportunity to improve your proof-writing may come from looking at what you missed in these problems!  If any of my comments are not clear, feel free to ask me about them.


Prof. Reitz