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Videos- Sanaya Brown

Part 1

Part 2

I’m going to focus on the third video I watched

Initially, I chose to see the origami proof of the Pythagorean Theorem because this year in my math ed classes we’ve focused a lot on Pythagorean proofs and the use of origami seemed intriguing to me.  While watching I felt excited. Although, I did find myself having to pause the video after each step or idea introduced to allow my brain time to process what she was saying seeing as how she was speaking so fast. However, I realized that this is a proof I’ve seen before but watching her video made it clearer. The first time I seen this proofs, I understood the c^2 part but I didn’t understand how they were able to just refold the paper and equate that to c^2 but now I get it.

Part 3

This video inspires me to pursue math topics in this way when I become a math teacher. Incorporating objects, manipulates, and and tangible things can stir up a deeper understanding of topics. She was able to prove the Pythagorean theorem using something as cool as origami which is a form of art. For students whom often times find math boring, this method of teaching makes learning math more relatable and fun. It is more likely to how the student’s interest rather than the traditional lecture or rote style of teaching. here is also some connection between Lockhart’s Lament and her videos. Lockhart was questioning why mathematics was not classified as an art form and trying to convey that it should not strictly be looked at as something involving reasoning a logic but a play on imagination and ideas. Vi Hart used art in all her video to convey math principles and build upon her ideas. She in a way proved Lockhart’s Lament.