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videos abdelmajid

part 1

here is videos I watched:

1- Doodling in Math: connecting dots  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-pyuaThp-c

This video is about¬† a game of connecting dots and come up with an interesting shapes . Vi Hart talked about parabolas, hyperbolas, connecting 2 dots by a line, connecting 2 semi circles in many different ways, and criticized the way algebra is though overall in schools. and said that’s the reason student get bored in math classed. they always forced to admit things and apply them rather then letting them be creative.

2- 9.999….Reason that .999=1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TINfzxSnnIE

In this video Vi Hart talked about 10 reasons why   .9999=1 by giving a valid proofs. she started by assuming that .9999=X and she multiplied by 10, subtracted .999, divided by 10 and concluded that .9999= X =1. according to here is a valid proof. she bucked it up other example like .3333 and 1/5.

3- Why Every Proof That .999=1 is Wrong   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsOXvQn3JuE

In this video Vi Hart¬† proved that¬† ” .9999=1”¬† is wrong¬† witch was a statement that she proved in the first video¬† ”9.999….Reason that .999=1”.

part 2

For this part I choose to focus on the ” Doodling in Math: connecting dots”, I was entertained and fascinated by Vi hart talent of combining the drawing and well spoken words of proofs and logic. In this video VI Hard applied the concept of drawing a parabolas to just connect dots and see what can of shape it will turn into, first she tried 2 dots and a strait line,¬† 2 dots and semi circle¬† 2 circles that share 2 dots, they all turned them to interesting shapes witch looks like something in real life. I guess she was just trying to answer students who are asking about why they have to learn how to graph parabolas. after I watched this video Vi hard inspired me to think about other possibilities when dealing with math problems and to try to approach them in a different way. and last my question is why we don’t have a class like this in school where students get to do something similar to VI hart.

part 3

After I watched this video I would say that Vi hard and Lkhart have similar approach to math problems solving, they both want to implement creativity in math rather then just following learned steps. this video inspired me to think about developing  teaching methods and strategies that I will use when I become a teacher. math is about reasoning and logic but adding creativity  to it definitely will make my future  students interesting in the material . and the concept of connecting dots is similar to our project in class