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Videos : Yuyu Chen

Part 1

A Song About A Circle Constant

A music video about the circle constraint, Tau.

Origami Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

A visual example and proof of the Pythagorean using nothing but a piece of paper.


Create the angles you need by folding a piece of paper systematically into a quick and ready to use protractor.

Part 2

The video,  A Song About A Circle Constant, talked (sang) about the idea of Tau. Prior to this video, I had no idea what this concept was so I was trying to learn and understand it.  . Vi Hart created a video to explain the concept of Tau, a measurement of 2pi used as a proportion for diameters,  in ways of music, visuals, and geometry. The music and song helped to internalize the idea of Tau more concretely as you can hum its tune or sing its numbers.  Vi Hart even used visuals like circles and an unraveled earphone wire to show Tau’s applications and value on paper. The humorous drawings of the two stickmen arguing about Tau cemented the idea that Tau’s value comes from twice Pi, but is a specific term and value used for discussing diameters.

Part 3

By the end of the video, I was very amused but at the same time bewildered. Needless to say, the music and lyrics were very provoking but what was shocking was that I actually learned. In other words, I would never have hoped to think or even imagine that teaching can be in this form. Certainly, I wouldn’t expect this in a school setting. This approach to teaching a concept is incredibly refreshing in my mundane routine school schedule and learning experience. It is math. It is teaching. It is a music video. It is not in today’s schools. It’s disheartening to realize that I have lost my strong youthful enthusiasm for learning. This video was able to revert me back into a child, happily and playfully learning about anything and everything that piques its interests. I wish my future students would achieve, and even go beyond, the same level of enthusiasm that I had when I watched this video.