Videos Josiel Nunez

Part 1.
Wau: The Most Amazing, Ancient, and Singular Number
This video literally talked about the most interesting number called Wau! WOW! A number that is so complex there are infinitely many ways to express it itself. You can use it in conventional ways but with complexity, you will end up with wau.

Infinite Trees Are Super Weird
This video talks about infinite numbers. She goes on about how you can create a number tree and this number trees has branches and nodes to it so essentially you can go along these branches and reach these numbers infinitely. Also wonders if there is a pi node.

Math Improv: Fruit By The Foot
She wants to know if there are math elements to fruit by the foot, and does something interesting with the candy. She relates it to the famous mobius strip.

Part 2.
Wau: The Most Amazing, Ancient, and Singular Number

This video amazed me. I honestly don’t know if wau is real I didn’t bother searching about it but it blew my mind. She kept comparing wau with fractal fractions and e and derivatives, and it was mind blowing what this ‘wau’ number is. What I actually learned in this video is that if you infinitley take a pattern for example (x+x^y+x^(y^x))/(y+y^x+y^(x^y)) and so forth, equals wau. My question is, why don’t they teach us this in school?

Part 3.

I believe this video could mean nothing to my own math teaching. I mean, it’s talking about a topic that isn’t even teachable. It seems like just a concept, something to get you thinking. Wau would make a great excercise in terms of the idea of infinite patterns in math. I believe this concept is math but it isn’t teaching. It is an idea that will leave everyone wondering. And the reason for that is math, well numbers in general is a complex idea that we as humans have taken control of the topic. It’s like measurements for example. Measurements were created by people to define a set of rules and precision. But no doubt, there is ‘no such thing as measurements’ we’re just safe with them. Do you understand? Like we know what pi is but we don’t really know what pi is. This is wau. I believe that in Lockhart’s Lament, it was the same idea.

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