Unit 2 (revision)

Brandon Ma
English Composition ll
Finding your own Identity
In the mid-1900s to late ’90s, there was little to no acceptance to individuals who identify as LGBTQ within their communities. Everyone has their own journey in what they want to achieve later in life, and should not be influenced by how others think and act. Here we are in 2019, there is more acceptable compared to the 1900s but it’s hard
for people coming out to society because they may we worried about their safety. People should be able to express themselves freely for who they are without the negative opinions of others that will make individuals feel discriminated.

According to the television show “I am Jazz”, originally a documentary
transitioning into a reality show. This reality show revolves around this transgender child who transitioned from male to female at a premature age. While the show main focus is on Jazz’s life, however, in reality, she is an advocate for transgender rights. This reality
show can target any range of audience who is curious to learn more about the life of a young transgender teen. For example, waking up every day and having gender defining parts of the body that does not associate with their brain. This is one of the many things that people who identify as transgender experience every day, wanted to change very
badly. When people who do not have access to services to support them mentally to combat these feelings will eventually develop symptoms that lead to depression, anxiety, etc. leading to suicide. When you tell your parents you’re transgender, they might think you’re going through a denial stage, especially if you’re very young. For example in Jazz’s situation, ”the moment she was able to speak, she told her parents that she
was transgender”. When telling her parents, two brothers and the rest of her family had everyone speechless. No one knew what to do with Jazz in her attempts to transition at a precocious age and wasn’t accepting at first. Jazz’s parents believed they had nurtured their child in a way that might’ve caused these expressions. While there are some researchers that say its the psychology, and can not be the possibility of these children brainwashed into thinking they are transgender. In my opinion, the individual
should be able to express themselves however they would like even if they are brainwashed as long as things are reversible because everyone should be able to be happy since everybody only lives once in this world. However, not everyone can be happy in this world, in a society that judges everyone in a negative attitude without being sensitive towards the individual.

Not everyone can take negative criticism and be calm about it. Jazz and her
mother decided to confront an anti-trans group that has been targeting their family. In this auditorium, the air was filled with intensity, one of the audience came forward and said: “what bathroom do you use”. Jazz responded with “I use the female bathroom because I am female” and the individual responded with “I believe it’s a sick thing basically”. This show how people are disgusted with what is happening in our society
because these questions weren’t supposed to contain his opinions. There should be boundaries that people should respect when it comes to difficult topics to discuss. These influences can change how a transgender person will come out because of intentional threats they may receive. Some people might ask, “when is it a good time to transition?” because the brain of an infant hasn’t matured to think logically. This controversial topic led to people believing, that these parents are trying to brainwash their child into doing something that changes their psychologically and physiologically.

From the beginning of Trump’s campaign, there has been an increase in violence in our society. Throughout Trump’s term, Trump’s administration has announced a plan to thin out the terms of the biological gender meaning there will be only male and females. This caused the LGBTQ community to question the future. This will be impactful to individuals meaning the removal of some LGBTQ centers that offer treatments
to their patients. People who may not want to be tied down to male or female will unable to express themselves. If the terminology was justified, people of the LGBTQ community would not be safe because of the existing violence against LGBTQ individuals. Any type of violence against an individual identified as LGBTQ would not be considered a hate crime meaning the crime is less severe. There are people who may
not express their identity freely because of the dangers that can be exposed to them. Another action that Trump has done, was everybody who identifies as transgender to resign from the military. This is impactful to individuals because their job is resigned and won’t be able to serve their country. However, according to the Independent, “The administration had also attempted to ban transgender individuals from serving in the US
military but was blocked by several federal judges and opposition from military leaders”(Sampathkumar). This shows Trump revisions into the regulations, however, it is not being enforced by every department of the military. Trump’s action of using his power isn’t being supportive of everyone but for his own advantages.

While not going too deep into my story, my journey is a little different from others. Growing up, my parents had thought I was going through a phase and ignored it. As time continued, my stress and depression had drastically increased until I couldn’t hold it in anymore. Having this feeling constantly come and go like a tide wave became unbearable as time continued. Another problem that I face was not having a consistent therapist that helped me. I always feared to tell my grandparents what I believed in and
worried about their reaction if I tell them. There is still tension with my parents because it is not an easy topic to talk about.
As we move into the future, there are still many people hiding their identity even today to their parents or friends in the fear of unacceptance. Now after Trump has proposed this new identification, people would have to be even more cautious because that shows how our society is moving forward today in our era. However, New York City is a great place to be in such as pushing the rights for a person to use a single-sex bathroom that aligns with their expressed gender identity. Everyone should be able to express themselves such as their gender identity and/or sexual orientation freely
without the negative opinions holding them back.



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