creative writing

Karina Ramsey

Dr. Carrie Hall

English 1121


I am doing a documentary shining light on some of the people who we as the next generation look up to, who has been sexual assaulted. Sometimes we look at these people and at their lives like it’s all sunshine and rainbows, but in reality, they go through a lot of things as well because at the end of the day we are all human. The popculture artifact that I’m basing my project of off is Kesha. Kesha was sexually assaulted by her music producer Dr. Luke. In my opinion I think that people who feel like they have “power” over someone else, they like to abuse their “power” and do horrible things with that power. However, this power that they have is their own self-given power. Kesha wrote a song called praying where she addresses the fact that this man is a monster and she’s is praying that he gets better and that he doesn’t do what he did to her to someone else. She also shows in the video how lonely she was dealing with this situation by herself. I will also be telling the stories (short versions) of some celebrities who have gone through similar situations that many people wouldn’t have think when though something like this. Far too often people are afraid to talk about this because it’s hard to and they are in the public eye. In light of this #metoomovement we have seen many celebrities and regular people come out with stories about how they were sexually assaulted and now they are trying to get justices against the people who sexually assaulted them.




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