Bitter Sweet Lemonade

I read the Hilton Al’s review on “Lemonade” and I could never quite tell their stance on the topic. The review stayed away from Beyonce frequently and compared her work to that of others. I got impressions that Hilton did not enjoy it, especially after saying at the start that their experience of a concert was ass. The whole time reading it I still felt unsure. I was honestly still lost due to the fact I don’t follow pop music, especially artists from before 2000s which were referenced frequently. I wouldn’t be able to stretch a review so much by relying on others people works. The reliance on referencing other people seemed a bit much. Referring how someone can relate to something is fine, by the article writer brought up how another artist set some form of example in the past, and then seemed to criticize Beyonce for following such a brilliant example. It could be that I was tired while reading the article but in the end, after reflecting on it, I still feel lost about a final opinion. If I were to write the article, I would’ve tried to focus more on the present and what factors could’ve contributed to “Lemonade” having an hour long movie to accompany it. As opposed to focusing on Beyonce’s past success and her involvement with men along the way solely.

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