“Moving Beyond Pain” Response

The writer for this piece says a lot at the beginning that I agree with. For instance, she mentions that she uses the visuals throughout Lemonade to show viewers how Beyonce’s choices of visual presentation can send a powerful message. She also mentions that it is no small feat, realizing how difficult it is to pull off. However, she then shifts it to focus on sexism and how that wasn’t showcased enough in relationships. I disagree with this. I feel that she didn’t showcase any relationship subjects in the visuals to show that it isn’t needed. For a woman to be strong, they shouldn’t have to rely on being with anybody, instead focus on growing on their own. I also feel that she is directing attention to more important matters, which is why she uses the Katrina visuals in Formation. This is to let people know that they should wake up to what’s going on, otherwise it will be normalized. She’s using her platform to raise awareness to cultural and world issues, rather than domestic and relationship ones. I don’t think she was trying to solve any issues, she just wanted to express herself and let people know her frustration at the government and police force.

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