Response to group’s essays

While reading my group’s essay, most of us share a common theme. The expectations that we are pressured by our peers and families. If very stress inducing that if we fail, the feeling will never go away. Some ways the education is system is failing, probably because the subjects that is offered in high school does not peek a students interest and may not even try to continue school. Throughout our entire lives, the classes we take so far is just mainly focus on the “tests” like common core, regents, and the SATs. School isn’t to encourage a person to find motivation is learning and is just focused on following the norms that everyone does to get a degree/successful. Before heading to college, when Joshua went onto high school. they system that should be incorporated in our high schools. During my high school life, students were constantly re-arranging because many people who didn’t pass the regents were put into specific classes. They also had another teacher to assist them in their education. This would really mess up people who had IEP and wasn’t in those classes that should have a second teacher to support them. So my classes was never shorten in my senior year, and my time during high school(freshmen to senior year). Some other ways is the teachers having a passion to teach, while it may seem that teachers just out there to fail a student by making it more complicated than it already is. Some ways is being more open to the students who are respectful towards them and wants to be in that class.

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