For Tuesday

The book is  HERE  (that’s the cover up there!)

Sorry it’s a little late. I was waiting on an essay.

Here’s the deal: Click on the “HERE” above and you’ll get to the class eBook.  I put everyone in a group (I am very sorry that I couldn’t fit all requests. They just didn’t all work!! Some of the people requesting were just writing about totally different topics.) If you click on your group in the table of contents of the PDF in the link I’ve given, it will take you to your group.

Your homework is to read all the essays in your group. Think about what these essays as a group tell you about how education (both in and out of school) is working in the US and beyond.  What, from what you have read of your peers’ writing, might be some concrete ways to improve the education system? Don’t say “better teachers” or “better classes.” Tell me what you mean by “better!” Or, on the flip side, what are some concrete ways that the education system is failing? Use SPECIFIC examples from student writing– and look for connections between the essays! 

Please write a post of approx 250 words on OpenLab responding to the above questions. 

Spoiler Alert! The Questions in red above will be guiding questions for your presentations. 

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