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Student Reflection #1 – Please use this space to respond to the question. Once you have responded, please return to this space again, and respond to another student’s response.

In “How to Read Like a Writer,” the author, Bunn, asks the reader to consider what the most “writerly choices” are. He lists a number of questions the reader should ask themselves as they read. Select one question the author suggests that you particularly like and explain why you believe it would help you become a better writer.



Students are encouraged to comment on each other’s posts to facilitate discussion and provide peer-to-peer feedback.


  1. Aliou Bah

    In the essay, the author asked the question : « What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting with a quote from the President ? »

    In my opinion, starting or including a quote from public figure or most importantly an expert in the subject is very important.
    This can help to assure people about the factuality of what you are saying.
    However, it’s important to choose who to quote based on the person and the audience.

    If you are talking about subject, only choose those who are known in that field and not controversial.
    You can expect to convince a democrat by quoting a controversial republican and vise versa.

    • WaiLam

      A quote from an expert might be a better start of a writing. A public figure’s quote can draw attention, but it is not as important as an expert, since experts might be more neutral and rely on facts in order to persuade most of the people. I agree that to choose the quote carefully according to the target audience, and also the purpose, since different quotes have different effective based on the content. However, there are more factors to consider, not only the target audience. We may consider more to convince a democrat, stating the failure acts or policy most republicans did rather than only a controversial republican.

  2. WaiLam

    In my perspective, “How appropriate or effective is this evidence? Would a different type of evidence, or some combination of evidence, be more effective?” is the most helpful question.
    Since I have not as much experience as the writers, it is a great chance to look up what choices the writer makes each time. It is similar to the learning process in that I need to understand and analyze how the choices work and their effect. However, there is no one choice that can be used in all writing, so it requires thinking on the advantages and the disadvantages of that choice. Evidence is an element that strengthens and supports the ideas. It is also a choice that the writer needs to consider the most. Not only to choose the most suitable evidence to support the idea or getting attention, but also find several ways to maximize the effect it made. For example, a strong comparison between the evidence as a combination use of evidence, can outstand the idea of the writing. To understand deeper the meaning of the choice, this question guides me to think about it, and also provides a lot of space to brainstorm. During this process, I can use the skill in similar writing or even use the same theory applied into other genres of writing.

    • Aliou Bah

      Choosing the evidence is as much important as choosing the quote. If you are doing a speech for people to be more aware of COVID, you have to appeal the masses by using sad evidences. Or using stories that appeal fear.

      The author has to choose the right evidence for the right audience and the right expert.

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