This course is based on learning experiences that are grouped into UNITS. Each unit will explore a specific genre – or type of writing. Our focus is on developing writing that is audience and purpose specific. 

Grading Breakdown 

Unit 1 (Narrative genres) 15% 

Unit 2 (Genre: comparison and contrast) 15% 

Unit 3 (Reflected annotated bibliography) 15% 

Final Reflection 10% 

Homework 10% 

Language Quizzes 10% 

Participation (Open Lab & Blackboard posts) 10% 

Final writing and reading exam 15 % 


This class has two components: the ENG1101 segment and the CO ML segment, in which you will have language support. You will be graded separately in each segment. Therefore, in order to pass the whole class, you must pass both sections of the class. These are three possible scenarios: 

1. ENG 1101 segment = Pass CO ML segment = PassEntire course =PASS
2. ENG 1101 segment = Pass CO ML segment = FailEntire course=FAIL
3. ENG 1101 segment = Fail CO ML segment = PassEntire course = FAIL

NYCCT Grading System and GPA (Grade Point Average) 

Your final grade will be under “Total” and will represent a letter grade on the following scale: 

93-100 C+ 77-79.9
A- 90-92.9 73-76.9
B+ 87-89.9 C- 70-72.9
83-86.9 60-69.9
B- 80-82.9 59.9- 0

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