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Assignment 10B

An example of a literature I found of an imagined future is called I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works by Nick Bilton. He focuses on technology, media, and social interactions and how this is all going to change in our future. He says that the 21sst century is just the beginning of the horrors to come. Now with everyone constantly on their phones technology is just going to keep on increasing. Where technology replaces technology. We are going to be in a world where technology is going to be so in our lives we are going to depend on it to live and it will also start changing our brains. He gave an example that soon surgeons who play more video games will perform better at their job then those who don’t. Information in the fictional future is at your fingertips even more then it is now. Information is going to be forced in our lives everyday with the increase of technology.

Assignment 9B

Vaidhyanathan argues that,“we trust google with our personal info and preferences and without access to knowledge because we trust technology that satisfies our prejudices.” I agree with Vaidhyanathan. We have our google accounts which is filled with our personal information, we use google for any search question we have, we type anything on google and believe anything we find on there. We do all of this without access to knowledge on what google does with our information and weather we should trust it or not. We like google so much because it indeed does satisfy our prejudices. Google is a world wide search engine that you can find all kinds of things that satisfies anyone’s opinion. This is either political, racism, or economically. Google is so big that No I do not trust google. Google is a big company that has no ethics now because of how important it is. Its always going to try to find a way to satisfy its costumers at any cost. For example if I type something on google like “watches” I will later get so many ads on watches. This is because google tracts what you search and sends it to other company s and the companies pay google to distribute their ads. Also google images is really dangerous too. Google takes any photo of you that has been posted online like Facebook or a blog and puts it on there. Google has no boundaries. They tract everything you do and its not trustworthy.

Assignment 8B

The concept of “Questioning Authority”  in the context of Meszaros reading means who is in charge academically. Meszaros says that everyone in a college has knowledge from a professor to a librarian. Yet when we have tests or some school work we prefer to ask other students then the professor or another faculty member. Now the question is who has authority over the learning student. Either other students because we feel more comfortable, yourself because we trust our opinions more then facts, or a professor because he is the one who gives us the A. The he talks about librarians and how we don’t see them as an authority because we don’t depend on them for our academic outcome. At the end of the day the authority is the one who has cognitive abilities that help you as a student feel confident and help you succeed. It does not matter weather it is a professor or a librarian.

Assignment 7B

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government. The American agency that administers the work proposed in FOIA is an independent non-governmental research institute and a library located at The George Washington University also called the Archive. They also collect information through other laws too like the freedom of information act and more. Yes this act definitely benefits citizens in many ways.  For example it provides us with documents that have not been released. This can help us make decisions for the U.S and also help us keep track of historical records. It keeps us up to date with current events like the Cuban missile crisis etc. Also we get to know about others countries outside the U.S and know what their plans for the U.S are.

Assignment 6B

Martin’s book chapter is available to read on the web because he is a strong believer that in order for people to learn they need to have resources available to them. Not only are students learning from research finding by professionals but also big corporations are using this information as well. So it is a good idea to share it to begin with the government can help with funding’s to find out more research and second other professionals can help in finding research as well since they have a place where they can start research from. It is found online for free. Yes the availability of this book chapter online exemplify s Martins idea that scholarship should be liberated because not only is he writing about it but he is demonstrating it with his own work.

Assignment 5B

In the article Too Big to Know David Weinberger talks about the infrastructure of knowledge. He goes back in time to try to understand what knowledge is and how the internet has changed those concepts of knowledge. He wants to analyze what the true definition of knowledge is and how knowledge began; which he refers to as “the infrastructure of knowledge.” Weinberger says knowledge started with the enlightenment thinkers and the divine right and those people from that era because their ideas came from there own minds and no other place. His questions are weather true knowledge is what we know from others or something only we know that’s not from the internet. He doesn’t know if the internet is making us dumber or smarter by filling us with information. He says ” there’s obviously plenty of data in the world, but not a lot of wisdom” Weinberger states that true knowledge is when someone takes information out of nothing. For example in the old times people use to collect data and from this data they got information in which they created knowledge from for others to know. That is real wisdom according to him. He says “information is to data what wine is to a vineyard; the delicious extract and distillate.” But now  with the internet there is to much knowledge and it has been reducing what we need to know. Knowledge itself changes in the age of the internet. We have the Internets information as a given and work from there and try to use it to make us smarter; that is not what knowledge is about.  Weinberger says “knowledge is so important to us for deciding matters of state that bar needs to be set high.” I think that the understanding of knowledge infrastructure can make us better researchers because we should know first of all not to believe and copy everything from the internet since its other people knowledge and second we should take one idea from the internet and expand from it using our own mind and make questions/ hypothesis out of that information.

Assignment 4B

If it wasn’t for classification the world would be a chaotic mess. Classification is very important to us, so important that it naturally occurs in the world. Classification makes us who we are and makes the world a better place to understand. The exact definition of classification is “the action or process of classifying something according to shared qualities or characteristics.” yet other people have different definitions and examples of different kinds of classifications as well. According to Badke classification can be seen in search engines. A bad example of classification he talks about is google. he says it is nothing more than a search engine. Google itself doesn’t understand what you type it just matches the words you type to any random searches on the internet. A good example of classification is the library databases because they use controlled vocabularies and key word searches to understand what you want to find. This is because everything in the library including their search engines are categorized by genre, type , and a specific number.

Dye talks about using two types of classification systems in the database world as well. He talks about taxonomy and folksonomy, He says they both might work for search engines but not really and this is why librarians continue to use the Dewey decimal system. Taxonomy is the branch of science concerned with classification, especially of organisms; systematics. Yet one of the negative things about using this for database is that it is a top-down system because it rely s heavily on centralized control of the structure and vocabulary. Folksonomy is a user-generated system of classifying and organizing online content into different categories by the use of metadata such as electronic tags. According to dye this is a better searching engine because individuals have their own tags and they can make sense out of their own words and get related topics to their tags.

Wright talks about natural taxonomy in which he observed in the Peruvian rain forest. But what was more impressing was that taxonomy classification is much more natural to us then we thought. Such is seen in the tribal cultures around the world. Classification in indigenous people create high classification system very similar to how plants and animal “families” divide. Wright says that classification is in out genetics. and without thinking we use it everyday.

Overall I think classification is natural in human behavior and no data base can accomplish it like animals, plants, and humans do but we can try to use certain classification systems to try to make searching for information much easier.

Assignment 3B

I think that in certain situations people should have the right to be forgotten. For example someone who had something bad posted of them online should not pay the consequences for one wrong action later in life. Like get rejected from job opportunities because the company finds something of them on the internet or get into relationship problems. Yet a criminals actions online like an identity stealer should pay the consequences. I don’t think our first amendment clashes with the right to be forgotten because there is a difference between free speech and the right to know every ones information. The first amendment protects freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly and petition. It does not mention the freedom to allow one person to post about another online or keep unwanted information on the internet. By digital identity we mean information on an entity (person, organisation, application, or device) used by a computer system to represent an external agent. Obviously big companies control digital identities because they have money. They can get information on people to benefit their companies and make products in the consumers most interest. Websites also control digital identity because they are the ones that track the internet users and make a profile of them in order to recommend the websites.

Assignment 2W


What was the purpose of Jordan Sargent to embarrass an executive when he posted the story?

Can someone sue if they have a story published on them that is not real?

Do all journalist websites explain why they removed a story?


Why did google only accept 40% of the requests?

Why does the U.S not have “the right to be forgotten”?

So who exactly is in charge of the right to be forgotten because they called it a trend?

Assignment 2B

Corporate interest affects the information we receive because they are never going to tell us the truth neither the whole truth on a news story. The benefit of their company is their priority and if that means lying to us then that is what they will do. If large corporations such as the news make their stories uninteresting they will begin to loose views therefore loosing profit. There goal is to manipulate viewers via the media which includes them saying whatever reaches their goal. Companies such as Comcast, news corporation, the Walt Disney company etc… pay these large company’s to put them in favor and to persuade any viewer of what they want them to think its all about commercialism. One dependent news site I found was the title of the news is deadly wildfires to grow more intense,burn longer due to global warming. In this article not only do they tell you about the fire happening in San Bernardino and that it killed 8 people and destroyed hundreds of homes, they talk about how wildfires have changed throughout the years on the level of extremity. Then they jump into climate change and statistics of how the climate has changed since 1970 and due to this in August and September its tinder-dry causing more fires to occur. Then they talk about how the government is allowing people to buy/build homes in harmful areas where fires are more prone to be caused. This is very different from mainstream news stories such as univision, CNN, New 10 which just pass a 30 second clip of a burning forest and tell us the location and that’s it. I’ve seen it on the news and then they focus more on other things like the elections and how new research shows that something you eat can cure many diseases. This is pure propaganda.