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Assignment 9B

Under Vaidhyanathans argument, sadly I do believe that I trust Google but it depends. What I mean by this is every time any of us are on the internet (or at least for me), there is an instinct to go to Google. For researching for basic facts or a problem in society, I go straight to google. I do trust google to bring me to basic searches on the web. For example, if I have a question I google it to see different answers. I then by my own judgment, choose a site I see best fit for my question. However in regards to personal life I have seen google shows my twitter account, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. With that in mind, google worries me. I do believe I trust google for basic searches as a I said, but NOT for personal accounts and knowledge. I do not trust the taking of my accounts in a way that anyone can find or see them. But is there a solution to this problem? Like am I supposed to just delete my accounts? I do have a privacy setting, but I am not sure if this is enough to protect my identity on google. Lastly as for knowledge being a college student in my third year, I understand how to find relevant, useful, and valid information. Iv’e used data bases every year in my previous English classes, I do not use google for information related to academic research or intellectuality. As a whole, I trust google on some level but not on all levels.

Assignment #9B

Vaidhyanathan argues that, “we trust google with our personal info and preferences and without access to knowledge because we trust technology that satisfies our prejudices.”

I do believe this is true, people do blindly trust google. Your google profile is molded to fit what your search history is. YouTube which is owned by Google is a great example. What to watch option, looks at your history to recommended users videos. Just recommending videos tells users that Google looks at user’s preferences without their knowledge. Since it does satisfies the users taste, most users do not think twice about it, trusting google. Chrome, another example saves usernames and passwords to make it easier for users. With this you don’t have to re-type usernames and password everything it’s asked. Google stores that personal info and since it satisfies users, users don’t fear it. I do trust Google, to some extent. Google is a search engine, it is up to me and my knowledge to see which sites are safe and useful. I am a person who doesn’t display personal information in sites. It is up to the users to see what information is out there and if they don’t like it, there are options. I also do like that Google stores my preferences, it makes my life easier and I see content that I like.

Assignment 9B Google

Vaidhyanathan argues that people trust google blindly and have immense faith in google. People trust google with personal information and this is a cause for worry. He is not totally against google in fact he says, “Google consequently is far more than just the most interesting and successful Internet company of all time. As it catalogs our individual INTRODUCTION 3 and collective judgments, opinions, and (most important) desires, it has grown to be one of the most important global institutions as well” . I agree with this 100%  Google is quite beneficial. It is amazing to have access to answers to all our questions something that probably was not possible twenty years ago.

At the same time when trust is concerned, I am not sure if i trust Google completely. While Google is the answer to everything it is quite scary. The other day I googled my mother’s full name and clicked on a link on Google that had her address and telephone number and that is scary. Also there is access to everything including bad sites with viruses and malware that can be linked through google. Still, I do strongly agree that Google is beneficial to everyone, I am not sure if I would put my immense trust in it.

Assignment 9B (Google)

Vaidhyanathan argues that,“we trust google with our personal info and preferences and without access to knowledge because we  trust technology that satisfies our prejudices”, I believe this true when it comes to information or basically anything that comes to mind. We depend a lot on google for the answer.Google is a very huge popular search engine that people rely on. I always use google whenever I need an answer to my question. Google is the only search engine that I use. People put their trust in google because it is fast and you are able to find almost anything that you are looking for. Some people put out their personal information and preferences out there because they believe that google is a trusting source of technology.What people love so much about Google is the fact that it is high-speed and they think that they receive information very close to what they are searching for. Google tracks every information about you. Google has access to your photos, and they also can track where you are going from google maps. I trust google for the most part whenever I need a quick answer to my question and whenever I need to look something up. I don’t trust  google with my personal information. You don’t really know if your information is secured.

Google is the most trusted website because of its branding and Google opening statement declares “When you use our services, you trust us with your information.” Yet I do not have total trust in Google or any other site. Mainly because Google has all my personal information and knows my activities. Google’s presence in the digital world has set up a vast framework that has incorporated email, cloud computing, Apps, maps, and docs, that is seems to be accepted globally.Google is the one I used the most and but as much as I want to think that everything is secure, it really isn’t.Google tracks and records my actions. This can often feel like an intrusion of privacy and makes me cautious about my personal documents and pictures. Everyone knows Google and mentions using it therefore this makes me think it’s the most reliable search engine however I do not trust it with my person information . I do prefer Google over other search engines because it is fast and you can find more results.

Assignment #9B

I think Vaidhyanathan is correct when he says, “we trust Google with our personal info and preferences and without access to knowledge because we trust technology that satisfies our prejudices,” because some people are unaware of how much control we give Google over our information, but we also want certain technological tools that help meet our needs.  I think Google is a powerful tool.  I don’t trust any online entities 100% percent, but Google is one that I trust more than the others.   I trust Google to a point because it always give me what I am looking for, and maybe that is slightly biased but I believe this to be true.   I think Google is the best search engine around and I say this due to my dissatisfaction of using other search engines that I don’t feel delivers results in the way Google does.  If Google were to crash I would be highly upset and worried.  I would be upset because of how I currently feel about it and worried that my information will be available to anyone.

Assignment 9B

The fact that Google is the most used search engine explains the reason why a lot of people trust its services. These services include devices (Android, Chromebook), browsers, search engines, and online services such Gmail, Drive… When people subscribe to those services, we provide some personal information that Google has some rights over. Even though, we have a choice of using other services, Google’s ability to provide fast, and sometimes more reliable resources, to our inquiries, for instance, when it comes searching, is what makes it trustworthy compared to its competitors. Over the past few years Google has changed the way people search information, and the way that information is shared online. With Google’s ability to browse over millions of online databases in a very short amount of time and suggest related information, has stepped up its trustworthiness. Even though the satisfaction we get from Google using their search engine, for example, does not reflect reality. I do trust Google compared to other services, such as Yahoo or Bing.

Assignment 9B

Vaidhyanathan argues that,“we trust google with our personal info and preferences and without access to knowledge because we trust technology that satisfies our prejudices.” I agree with Vaidhyanathan. We have our google accounts which is filled with our personal information, we use google for any search question we have, we type anything on google and believe anything we find on there. We do all of this without access to knowledge on what google does with our information and weather we should trust it or not. We like google so much because it indeed does satisfy our prejudices. Google is a world wide search engine that you can find all kinds of things that satisfies anyone’s opinion. This is either political, racism, or economically. Google is so big that No I do not trust google. Google is a big company that has no ethics now because of how important it is. Its always going to try to find a way to satisfy its costumers at any cost. For example if I type something on google like “watches” I will later get so many ads on watches. This is because google tracts what you search and sends it to other company s and the companies pay google to distribute their ads. Also google images is really dangerous too. Google takes any photo of you that has been posted online like Facebook or a blog and puts it on there. Google has no boundaries. They tract everything you do and its not trustworthy.