Assignment 9B

Vaidhyanathan argues that,“we trust google with our personal info and preferences and without access to knowledge because we trust technology that satisfies our prejudices.” I agree with Vaidhyanathan. We have our google accounts which is filled with our personal information, we use google for any search question we have, we type anything on google and believe anything we find on there. We do all of this without access to knowledge on what google does with our information and weather we should trust it or not. We like google so much because it indeed does satisfy our prejudices. Google is a world wide search engine that you can find all kinds of things that satisfies anyone’s opinion. This is either political, racism, or economically. Google is so big that No I do not trust google. Google is a big company that has no ethics now because of how important it is. Its always going to try to find a way to satisfy its costumers at any cost. For example if I type something on google like “watches” I will later get so many ads on watches. This is because google tracts what you search and sends it to other company s and the companies pay google to distribute their ads. Also google images is really dangerous too. Google takes any photo of you that has been posted online like Facebook or a blog and puts it on there. Google has no boundaries. They tract everything you do and its not trustworthy.

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