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Assignment # 6B

I think Brian Martin’s book is available online as a PDF because he wants people to be aware of how knowledge is restricted by the agendas of corporations and governments.  I think he wants people to sample the book and to get an idea of how research is conducted and by who.  He states, “The work of professional researchers is strongly influenced by funding, disciplines, hierarchy and competition. As a result, it is mainly useful to corporations, governments, professions and researchers themselves,” and to people that have never realized this, it will undoubtedly be of interest.  I think his point of having the first chapter available in an accessible format  is so the everyday person who has some sort of interest in the whereabouts of knowledge can question its credibility and think about why certain research is more available than others and to challenge them to become more engaged in research.

I do believe Martin’s choice to make this chapter of the book available online supports his belief that scholarship should be liberated.  The chapter’s sole focus is to address who does research and how it helps their agendas and ultimately is not as useful to the general public.  He even goes into detail on how more social organizations and activists have less financial support because the government and corporations don’t support them like they do experts in certain fields.  He says that his purpose isn’t to advocate for change, but I think he sees an issue and wants to find a solution.

Assignment #6B

In my opinion, chapter 7, “The politics of research” from Brian Martin’s book, “Information Liberation” is available as a PDF file because the author wished for this information to be as free as most of the information one would need for research.This chapter of Martin’s book is available as a PDF file because he believes knowledge can be accomplished in many different ways.This chapter is also available to read as a PDF on the web because Martin wanted readers to understand that there are different ways of achieving knowledge. He states, “Knowledge isn’t necessarily everlasting, nor is it necessarily of general value. Rather than thinking of knowledge as great truths engraved on tablets in the sky, it’s more useful to think of knowledge as ideas that are generally agreed by specific communities.” He wanted everyone to have access to the PDF file.

Brian Martin book chapter is available to read as PDF on web, because he wants knowledge to be liberated for everyone and not to be limited towards a price. He wants readers to have unlimited ways to seek knowledge, and teach them that there are many ways to find great knowledge in order to help the readers understand more.This chapter of the book can generally be used by anyone reading it in order to recognize how these subgroups can “affect the creation and use of knowledge” by “finding disciplines, hierarchy, and competition”. Furthermore, knowledge in the subgroup culture can tend to be biased, as Martin pointed out in the pharmaceutical world, when it pertains to the funding of research in finding the best drug for a particular ailment.

Martin states the word “Knowledge” suggests certainty, authoritativeness, even usefulness. It is a good thing to be knowledgeable . Yet much knowledge is quite limited, specific, parochial.

The availability of this book chapter online exemplifies his idea that scholarship should be liberated. If it were not available for free online it would defeat his purpose of defending that knowledge and research should be free and not just accessible to people with proper funding.I believe that the availability of this chapter online exemplifies Martin’s idea that scholarship should be liberated. Having the chapter available for readers online without a price goes hand in hand with his belief that knowledge is free and very powerful in the world.Martin would want more “participatory and egalitarian” access to fair, unbiased knowledge to the ordinary person. We should be able to receive any information without paying a price. We should be able to gain knowledge in different ways. We should have access to different types of information and also have access to scholarly data.

Assignment 6B

Martin’s book chapter is available to read on the web because he is a strong believer that in order for people to learn they need to have resources available to them. Not only are students learning from research finding by professionals but also big corporations are using this information as well. So it is a good idea to share it to begin with the government can help with funding’s to find out more research and second other professionals can help in finding research as well since they have a place where they can start research from. It is found online for free. Yes the availability of this book chapter online exemplify s Martins idea that scholarship should be liberated because not only is he writing about it but he is demonstrating it with his own work.