Assignment 2B

Corporate interest affects the information we receive because they are never going to tell us the truth neither the whole truth on a news story. The benefit of their company is their priority and if that means lying to us then that is what they will do. If large corporations such as the news make their stories uninteresting they will begin to loose views therefore loosing profit. There goal is to manipulate viewers via the media which includes them saying whatever reaches their goal. Companies such as Comcast, news corporation, the Walt Disney company etc… pay these large company’s to put them in favor and to persuade any viewer of what they want them to think its all about commercialism. One dependent news site I found was the title of the news is deadly wildfires to grow more intense,burn longer due to global warming. In this article not only do they tell you about the fire happening in San Bernardino and that it killed 8 people and destroyed hundreds of homes, they talk about how wildfires have changed throughout the years on the level of extremity. Then they jump into climate change and statistics of how the climate has changed since 1970 and due to this in August and September its tinder-dry causing more fires to occur. Then they talk about how the government is allowing people to buy/build homes in harmful areas where fires are more prone to be caused. This is very different from mainstream news stories such as univision, CNN, New 10 which just pass a 30 second clip of a burning forest and tell us the location and that’s it. I’ve seen it on the news and then they focus more on other things like the elections and how new research shows that something you eat can cure many diseases. This is pure propaganda.

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