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Assignment 2W

Questions: What the “right to be forgotten” means for privacy in a digital age

1. If someone has a past criminal record link on Google can they ask that link to be dropped, depending on the crime?

2. If European digital privacy transferred into the U.S as a similar form, would the internet have more boundaries?

3. How long would the process of taking down links for rights to privacy in the U.S take?

Questions: Learning from Gawker’s Attempt to Erase the Past

1. Should Journalists make conscious decisions of whether or not their articles are worth publishing, before doing so in order to eliminate conflict with readers?

2. If more articles like Gawkers for example were taken down, would the world be losing valuable information?

3. If Journalists do not inform readers before taking down an article, how would they possibly react?

Assignment 2W Newman and Seaman Questions

Questions for What “the right to be forgotten” means for privacy in a digital age by  Abraham L. Newman

1.  Is it possible that European digital privacy can also be done in the United States?

2.For a government, such as the U.S., that’s supposed to be ‘by the people, for the people’, why does it seem so difficult for our government to protect ‘the people’? Why does it seem on many occasions to give free reign to the (third party) organizations over its citizens?

3.Why is it so difficult for the United States to follow suit with the more “customer friendly” European laws regarding the “right to be forgotten” privacy movements?

Questions for ” Learning from Gawker’s Attempt to Erase the Past” by Andrew Seaman

1.How often and in what time span would retractions have to run for?

2. Can we really trust companies to make the decisions on what should be removed when their ethics may not align with ours?

3. Do you think it was right for CEO Denton to request removal of this article just because it didn’t “align with the website’s values” ?


Assignment 2W questions

Newman article questions

1. According to the article, What the “right to be forgotten” means for privacy in a digital age is privacy dead?

2. In contrast to the European system, what is America’s approach to privacy regulation?

3. In what aspect is data protection international?


Seaman article questions

1.According to Gawker Media’s staff, who’s decision was it to remove the first story and why was the story that was published removed?

2. Removing or un publishing stories has what affect on the public?

3. According to FiveThirtyEight.com’s Mona Chalabi on NPR, how many people in total in Europe asked Google to remove information about them from search results?

Assignment 2W


What was the purpose of Jordan Sargent to embarrass an executive when he posted the story?

Can someone sue if they have a story published on them that is not real?

Do all journalist websites explain why they removed a story?


Why did google only accept 40% of the requests?

Why does the U.S not have “the right to be forgotten”?

So who exactly is in charge of the right to be forgotten because they called it a trend?